I guess the first post is a good place to describe who I am and what this blog will (attempt to) be about.

> whoami

I am a super-senior undergraduate at Colorado State University, where I study computer science and cognitive neuro-psychology, and research compilers, languages, and high performance computing.

At the time of writing, I am currently an intern at Cray working with the Chapel programming language group.
I will go back to CSU in late August, and (begrudgingly) graduate in May 2016.

I plan to plan a plan for my post-graduate self.
I am looking to go into research (either at a university or in industry) in $something involving scientific computing.
$something changes about every 3-to-4 months.
Right now $something == “HPC + protein folding as a tool to study drug effects and designing molecules for drug lesioning psychology studies.

I also drink near lethal amounts of black tea. Hence its inclusion into the blog title.

> man blog

This blog will serve a few functions

  • Air my thoughts:
    Instead of having ideas or thoughts bounce around endlessly in my own skull, this can be a place where I hang them up to dry on the line. Hopefully someone will stumble here and start a dialogue.

  • Complaint/Rant zone:
    I’d like to keep my therapist busy with legitimate issues; not the coding fluff that gives my stress-ball a sizeable chiropractor’s bill.

  • Resource to other developers/students:
    I wish I knew what I know now several years ago. And so here is where I will put things someone will come to regret not knowing about earlier.

> man blog | grep "caveats"

I do not claim to be an expert in any field or to have extensive knowledge capable of trumping anyone else’s opinions/expertise.
I will, however, speak how I feel.
Notice the keyword Anger in the blog title.

I may say something incorrect.
In which case, you can feel free to correct me (in a respectable manner).
I prefer listening to speaking.

Further, I do plan on covering some not-so-development/programming topics such as mental health, education, and other what-nots.
The above also applies.